Rep. Alex Ybarra advocates for initiative 2113, urges restoration of vehicular police pursuits

During the House floor debate, Rep. Alex Ybarra, R-Quincy, made a strong case for the reintroduction of vehicular police pursuits, as outlined in Initiative 2113. Ybarra recounted a compelling anecdote from his district, recounting the plight of a farmer whose truck had been stolen. With recent law enforcement reforms restricting pursuits, the farmer felt compelled to take matters into his own hands, pursuing the thief himself as officers were unable to intervene.

Ybarra emphasized the injustice of this situation, arguing that law enforcement should have the ability to pursue criminals. He believes that with the passage of I-2113, rural communities such as Quincy and its surrounding areas will once again see sheriffs empowered to carry out their duties and pursue offenders. The House approved I-2113 with a vote of 77 to 20.


Washington State House Republican Communications