Thank you for visiting my web page. It's an honor to serve the 13th District in Olympia. Within these pages, you can learn more about me, my legislative priorities and what I'm working on. I also invite you to sign up for my email updates.

Born and raised in Quincy, I know and love the people and way of life in our region. It's crucial we protect, nurture and grow the economy for us and future generations. That's why access to water and supporting the agricultural industry remain top priorities for me. We need to help, not hinder farmers and ranchers. Additionally, as a parent and long-time Quincy School Board member, I'm committed to expanding and supporting educational opportunities for all the children in our state.

There are many challenges facing our communities. As your state representative, I'll do my best to find solutions while remaining a powerful advocate for our region's values. Along with standing against burdensome tax increases, as a strong conservative, I will support public policy that makes government more efficient and accountable for the money it spends.

Hearing from you helps me do a better job representing our district in Olympia. My door is always open. Please contact me anytime with your comments, questions or concerns about state government-related matters.

Rep. Alex Ybarra
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Election-year restrictions prohibit me from updating my website until after the November 2022 election. However, you are still welcome to contact me anytime.

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My Priorities

Providing tax relief to help struggling Washingtonians

Despite a more than $15 billion budget surplus, the Legislature approved no meaningful tax relief during the 2022 session. We need to return some of that money to taxpayers. I will continue to fight for common-sense tax relief policies, such as the Working Families Tax Credit, lowering sales and gas taxes, and reducing the B&O tax on manufacturing and trucking, in order to help struggling Washingtonians.

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Protecting our communities

The Legislature must repair the damage caused by the anti-police "reforms" approved in 2021. Republicans and Democrats need to work together to address some of the troubling aspects of those policies and restore authority to law enforcement so they can protect our communities.

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Restoring balance in our state's governance

It's critical that we restore balance in our state's governance. That's why emergency powers reform is a top priority for me. The people of Washington deserve a say in any ongoing, long-lasting state of emergency.

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Meet Alex Ybarra

Initially appointed, Alex Ybarra was later elected in 2019 as the state representative for the 13th District, which includes Lincoln and Kittitas counties and parts of Grant and Yakima counties. Alex's legislative priorities include protecting taxpayers, amply funding schools, creating more family-wage jobs, finding solutions to water issues, and...

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