Statement from Rep. Alex Ybarra on governor’s vaccination mandate for educators

Rep. Alex Ybarra, R-Quincy, is the ranking Republican on the House Education Committee. Following the governor’s news conference today, Ybarra issued this statement:

“It is wrong for the governor to force caring, experienced, and dedicated educators to get a vaccination, or have their jobs, livelihoods, and dreams ripped away from them. It was my choice to get vaccinated. That’s the way it should be — a personal health-care choice. It should not be a requirement for employment.

“If we want more people vaccinated, extreme mandates like these are not the answer. I fear this approach will create more resistance and force some of our best teachers, nurses, public employees, and others out of their professions. We should respect their personal health-care decisions.

“Everyone wants students back in classrooms with their teachers and we all care about their safety. There are many proven and effective ways of protecting them from the virus. We should preserve local control and trust school districts.”


Washington State House Republican Communications