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Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Can you believe it? We’re in the homestretch of the 2024 legislative session! With just a few days left, things are wrapping up.

I want to give you a quick update on where things stand. We’ve passed some important deadlines, like Friday’s opposite house cutoff. That means if bills didn’t make it through by then, unless necessary for the budget, they’re probably not going anywhere this session.

But here’s the good news: some concerning bills didn’t make the cut. Keep your ears perked! Once the 2024 session ends, I’ll be sharing a rundown of the bad bills that didn’t make it, along with a list of the good ones that did (and others that didn’t).

My energy bill heads to the governor’s desk for signature

I’ve got some exciting news to share! My energy bill, HB1948, passed unanimously in both the House and Senate, and now it’s headed to the governor’s desk for signature. This is a big win for not only our district but for the whole state of Washington!

HB 1948 tackles some important stuff in the world of renewable energy policy. One of the key things it does is make sure utility companies can measure electricity usage under the Energy Independence Act without putting a damper on investments in renewable energy.

You see, utility companies have had to meet renewable energy targets for a while now, which has been tough, especially for those trying to set up voluntary renewable energy programs for customers. But with HB 1948, we’re breaking down those barriers and encouraging people to invest in renewable power without messing with the utility companies’ calculations and obligations.

Another good thing about HB 1948 is that it stops regular customers who buy renewable energy from having that count towards their total electricity usage. That’s a win-win because it helps us reach our renewable energy goals without sticking consumers with any penalties.

Plus, my bill makes it easier for utilities to set up clean energy programs by letting them combine renewable energy credits and retire them for participants. This lines up nicely with the Clean Energy Transformation Act and makes renewable energy more accessible to everyone while keeping things simple and avoiding any messy overlaps with other energy laws.

With HB 1948, we’re staying true to the original goals of the Energy Independence Act while paving the way for a cleaner and more sustainable energy future for Washington state.

I can’t thank everyone enough for the bipartisan support this bill has received in both chambers of the Legislature. It goes to show that when we work together, we can make real progress on commonsense energy initiatives.

Check out my latest Olympia video update!

In this video, I cover two energy bills I sponsored this session. HB 2410 expands tax preferences for jet fuel, helping distressed areas, and HB 1948, listed above.

House and Senate approve three citizen-driven initiatives

Last week was a busy one for our lawmakers with three public hearings on some citizen-driven initiatives. The first one, Initiative 2111, was all about banning new income taxes. Then we had Initiative 2081, pushing for a parental bill of rights, and Initiative 2113, which aims to make it easier for police to pursue fleeing criminals.

After some serious discussions, joint House and Senate committees gave the nod to these initiatives on Friday. Today, all three were approved in both chambers! This is a great day for everyone in Washington. It’s all about the people’s voice being heard and making changes happen.

These initiatives are immune to modification by lawmakers, and the governor lacks the authority to veto them. With approval by both chambers, each initiative becomes state law in ninety days.

Three remaining initiatives heading to the ballot

Regrettably, three of the initiatives did not receive public hearings. As a result, these initiatives will be placed on the November ballot. They are:

To learn more about all six initiatives, click here.

Visitors in Olympia

I want to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude to all the people who took the time to visit the state Capitol this year. It’s always such a pleasure to welcome constituents from our district!

I know traveling to Olympia isn’t a walk in the park. It’s a long journey from home, and I appreciate the effort it takes to get here. Below is a photo of a recent visit with the WSU 4H extension members, along with my seatmate, Rep. Tom Dent, and Sen. Judy Warnick.

Those visits mean the world to me because they give me valuable insights into the perspectives and concerns of the people in the 13th District. But if you didn’t get the chance to swing by this session and there’s something on your mind, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with my office.

Thank you!

Your input truly matters to me. Together, we’re working towards a brighter future for the 13th District and Washington state.

Thanks again for all your support and engagement!


Alex Ybarra

State Representative Alex Ybarra, 13th Legislative District
470 John L. O'Brien Building | P.O. Box 40600 | Olympia, WA 98504-0600
(360) 786-7808 | Toll-free: (800) 562-6000